Get The 4th Differential Mount Installed On Your Genesis Coupe
*its probably missing*

Do you own a Genesis Coupe? Regardless of if it’s a BK1 or BK2, Hyundai only installed 3 differential mounts stock from the factory. Two in the front but only one for the rear crossmember. Go ahead and check. Unless the previous owner installed one, it’s most likely missing from stock. This can lead to sagging of the differential, as well as lateral twisting under acceleration and cornering.

Improved Driving Dynamics

Users of this upgrade report smoother power delivery, less slop during shifting and acceleration, and a more direct steering feel especially when cornering under throttle.

Eliminates Wheel Hop

During hard launches, wheel hop can dramatically slow down quarter mile times, as well as place huge amounts of strain on core suspension components. In extreme cases, it is also known to break axels.

Pairs Well With Other Upgrades

Have a Megan Racing transmission mount or engine leash installed? Having a more rigid power delivery system starting from your engine, to the transmission and finally the differential, all combine to make a world of difference in getting usable power to the wheels. This greatly enhances overall driving feel and enjoyment on the GC platform.

What your differential Probably looks Like Now

The Genesis Sedan came with the 4th mount, so why not the Genesis Coupe? From what we’ve found, it seems like Hyundai just decided to cheap-out for this aspect of the assembly.

What it should have came like from the factory.

Aftermarket solid steel mounts have been known to crack subframes and snap bolts. We always recommend the OEM route.

Heres how you fix it!

If you have stands, a hole saw and welder in your garage, you can go at this yourself. However, for most people, the local exhaust or muffler shop will be your best bet.

The first step to installing the 4th differential mount on the genesis coupe requires cutting a hole along the bevel of the rear crossmember.

We provide a custom steel sleeve that fits perfectly within the bevel cutout. The steel sleeve is needed in order to securely hold the aluminum mount in place, as aluminum cannot be welded to steel. This also strengthens the subframe.

Next, insert the aluminum mount into the steel sleeve. Our sleeves are custom fabricated to make a snug fit with the OEM mount.

Lastly, insert, align and tighten the bolt and then weld the front and back of the sleeve to the subframe. Finish up by spray painting the area to protect the steel from rust. You’re done!

What's Included:

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